Reaching Out...

Hi, I hope this post is ok here & I hope a few people will enjoy the opportunity...I am taking a chance here, I am trying to reach out to some poetic artists<3

My fiance Chris & I have an art community here. We are into the week-of now(sometimes hell week can really be hell). I have a wonderful & talenetd group of people who have been working very hard along with myself & my fiance Chris. I am a couple people short of finishing casting due to drop outs. This is making it even harder than it already is to finish; costumes, props, set, & finding poets, artists, musicians, painters, dancers:( Basically, I am in need of finding people who are passionate & great at whatever art/medium it is that they chose to use in order to express themselves.

The project is

"Women Speak Out: An Artistic Celebration of The Womens Liberation Movement"

I really just need as many passionate people. People willing to help make this thing go off. Its a beautiful concept & 10% of the shows profits will be donated to The American Cancer Society.

I thought a couple weeks ago that all our hard work, blood, sweat, & tears were for not. I randomly decided to search our event on the internet & somehow word got around about us.

NBC/Bay Are Events are advertising our show. Our little show!!? *happy tears*

This is all due to pure grassroots hardwork, no paid advertising or anything & just word of mouth. I did not want to go to myspace or craigslist or anywhere where is seems more of the really crazy, attention seeking, money hungry "artists" go. I wanted to follow through & end this like we started it. With people who'll view any money as a bonus, not a goal. Passionate people who love; theatre, life, charities, people, politics, art, & above all performing for a loveley audience<3

If you want to you can read about us here(but we need to update...just been soooo busy)

p.s. This is the link to what I randomly found:)

This is x-posted in a 1-2 other communities as well.

Thank you so much reading, you are a big part of what makes grassroots work
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San Jose Individual Poetry Slam This Monday

The Indie Slam, San Jose's newest poetry slam will be held the 4th Monday of each month.Its statement: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Its mission, to find the one poet who will represent the city of San Jose at the Individual World Poetry Slam (IWPS) which will be held in the city of Berkeley California in October of 2009.

There will be 3 rounds 1,3 and 4 minutes with eliminations in each round. Everyone who signs up to Slam will get 1 point towards the semi-finals. First place will receive $25 plus 3 points, second place will received $15 plus 2 points and third place will receive $10 plus 1 point toward the semi-finals.

The Indie Slam which is held at MACLA, the same venue that host the San Jose Slam the second Monday of each month, is an all age slam.

This month's feature, San Jose's very own Mighty Mike McGee and R&B and Big Band recording artist Pia Jones. This months host Rap and Performance Artist, MOON.



510 S.1st
San Jose, Ca.

Doors Open 7:00
Sign-up for Slam 7:30-7:45
Show Starts at 8:00 Sharp
Show Ends at 10:00 Sharp


Poetry Slam at Burning Man! (x-posted everywhere)

Are you or anyone in your scene attending Burning Man, the 9-day gathering celebrating radical self-expression and radical inclusion in the Nevada Desert?

If so, I shall be hosting a Poetry Slam the first Monday (the night of the Eclipse) at the Silicon Village (Silicon Valley locals camp), and I NEED poets! This is my first time attending the Burn and I'm getting my camp fees waived for doing this, so please help a virgin out!

Please contact me off-channel at werd2thenerd AT yahoo if so, or call (fur oh ate mine sex oh fur vibe mine oh).

Oh, if anyone is curious as to MY identity (considering this is my first post), I usually perform under the name of Tristissima (I have 7 others), I've been slamming in San Jose for, garsh, six and a half years, and I was on the Santa Clara University Collegiate Team 2004 and the Palo Alto Team 2005 and 2006

Thanks guys!

San Jose Slam Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my dears, long time no see. Obviously the San Jose Poetry Slam has been undergoing some serious changes. We’ve now officially moved to once a month for the slam (2nd Tuesday) and once a month for the open mic (4th Tuesday). What does this mean for you? Well, hopefully it means that you will make sure to come those two Tuesdays and make sure to tell your friends, because poets need an audience to feed off of. On our end, we are going to do our best to make these two shows incredible. Just for you!

Our next slam is this Tuesday! We are going to be featuring two of the members from the Berkeley College Team who just got back from college nationals, where, I’ve heard, they did an amazing job, and got into finals. I’m not sure what happened from there, but I’m sure they’ll fill us in on Tuesday. You will be experiencing the awesome talent of Miguel Peraza and Abe Becker. Miguel brings raw energy to the mic. When he speaks on topics of family, nation, and matters of the heart, it is delivered with a hip hop beat and naked emotional intensity. Abe Becker is a published author in the cal literary arts magazine. He came onto the slam scene and made a team after doing slam for only 2 months. If you want to see the future of slam, don’t miss this feature!

In other important slam news, we’ve schedule the San Jose Poetry Slam finals for May 11th. This, ladies and gentlemen, means it’s crunch time. As you can see by the standings (below), the eight that will be in finals is still up for grabs. This means that this, the second to last slam before finals, will be HOT. The rankings could change considerably, depending on who shows up to try to steal a spot. Most of the poets listed below have a genuine shot, so the finals line up is still very far from determined.

As always, we will have poets, poetry, and beer! We look forward to seeing you again.

~Kat Dietrich

San Jose Poetry Slam
Brittania Arms
173 Santa Clara St . San Jose , CA
$6 at the door Every Tuesday

San Jose Standings:

Name Point Total

Bundy 17
Tristisima 13
G. Wilikers 10
Kat 8
Drew 8
Bill Peckham 7
Andrew Love 7
D. Silence 6
Verse 6
Chris Lok 4
Kyle Houston 4
Joel Valdez 3
Lynn 3
Caramel 3
veRse 3
Daniel Rollings 2
Kim Johnson 2
Khalil 2
Jennifer 2
Big Nate 2
Mac Dennis 2
Lucky 7 2
Frohawk 2
Max 2
Gerard 1
Antoine Moore 1
Charles Ellik 1
Rob Nevel 1
Paul Sawyer 1
Chris Barnes 1
Amanda 1

Open Mic 1 point
Hosting 1 point
1st place 4 points
2nd place 3 points
3rd place 2 points
Bar Brawl (win) 2 points
Belt Battle 2 points

San Jose Poetry Slam Update

Loves and Lovers, last Tuesday just had one of those warm fuzzy feelings. It was an almost reunion of the members of the 2006 San Jose Slam Team (minus Anthony R. Miller).

Notice all of the capitols in that last paragraph? Yeah, that is because of the power of slam! It turns regular letters into big-girl adult letters. Hey! I should write all of my updates at the bar while drunk.

Chris Bundy was our drunken host (filling in for Kyle who was feeling a bit ill), and Andi Kauth was an awesome feature. She’s so young (still a teenager), but with such talent. We all wish we could write like her when we were her age. Rebels Kamp provided background music for the open mic. A two for one deal, really—poetry AND music. Careful, or we will live up to our beatnik heritage. Next time, everyone bring black berets! (Not really. Ok, I guess; if you really want to.)

[Note from Kat Sanford: Kat D. is way more drunk than her writing thus far may seem. i.e.: There was actually a sentence about diapers, but she changed it. Yeah. Drunk.]

Speaking of Kat Sanford, guess who will be your feature this week? That’s right. Ms. Kat Sanford. Kat Sanford was raised by wolves, who, during her terrible twos, left her on the doorstep of two lovely, churchgoing people in California . She has been compared to Tom Waits, Bette Midler, Ricki Lee Jones, and Bea Arthur, in no particular order, by at least a couple of drunk and/or gay men.

Kat was on the SF/Berkeley Unified Poetry Slam Team in 2003, co-coached the Palo Alto Slam Team to 23rd in the nation in 2004, and has volunteered like mad at National events ever since. She is the authorette(!) of three chapbooks: You Were Warned, Talk With Your Eyes, and Sleeping With Bears. She also sold a CD while on tour with Ed Zeppelin in 2005, but can’t even remember what she called it.

Kat lives in Oakland with two cats, seven gerbils, two lizards, and a couple of disgruntled human beings. Someday she plans to get a house with her girlfriend, Erica, who has her heart set on owning a giraffe.

As always, we will have poets, poetry, and beer! We look forward to seeing you again.

~Kat Dietrich & the San Jose Poetry Slam
Brittania Arms
173 Santa Clara St . San Jose , CA

$6 at the door Every Tuesday

San Jose Slam Update

Ladies and Gents, last Tuesday’s show was crazy! Not only were our poets wonderful, as always, but the feature tag team match between Rebels Kamp (Jeremiah and Jesse Holsenkamp) and Kaiju Budha (Tristissima and Drew) was literally a knock-down drag-out fight. While it was close, Rebels Kamp held their title for the third consecutive time, but not before Kaiju Budha knocked out host Chris Bundy. You had to be there.

The slam poets had a lot to live up to. Daniel Rollings took 3rd, Bill Peckham (unofficial poet laureate of the slam) took 2nd, and Andrew Love kept his lead to take 1st place.

Next slam (tomorrow night!), we will be featuring Andi Kauth. Although she has been writing poetry since she was old enough to put complete thoughts together, Andi Kauth began her career in Slam in 2004, when she was mentored by the creator of Slam himself, Marc Smith. Since then, she has gone on to become Slam Master of the Palatine Poetry Slam, Coach of the 2005 Palatine National Poetry Slam team, and a member of the 2006 Palatine NPS team. She mentors kids in the art of spoken word, and has also been invited into high school class rooms to help introduce the writing and performing of spoken word. She has been published twice in the Celebration of Young Poets poetry anthology and has been featured in The Viking Logue and The Daily Herald.

Winning two slams at Chicago's Green Mill have been highlights in Andi's young career. Other highlights include placing 31st individually at the 2006 National Poetry Slam, and performing at different colleges and slam venues across the country on a 23 state, 40 city tour this fall. Her career is still an exciting work-in-progress, much like her upcoming chapbook. She has a CD out called "The Young(er) Years," and it’s her pride and joy.

After this year of touring, an ambition of Andi's is to go around with a representative of the Northwest Center Against Sexual Assault to different high schools, performing her poetry and raising awareness of sexual violence. She is working on becoming a sort of human recyclery - turning negative energy into positive motivation.

As always, we will have poets, poetry, and beer! We look forward to seeing you again.

~San Jose Poetry Slam
Brittania Arms
173 Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA

$6 at the door Every Tuesday

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Hey eveyone, I thought you might be interetsed in this event- There's some spoken word etc.


An "X"treme (lol) Pacific Art Collective event featuring: Live music performances by PHENOMENAUTS, KUNGFU VAMPIRE, TEEZE 80's Stand up poetry, fashion shows, several DJs, live solo and collaborative painting, visual projection and museum exhibitions. Please come see us! This will be our last performance in the area for a while. Also the Pacific Arts Collective events are ALWAYS exciting to attend!